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Taurus Citrus 160 Legend Juicer

Unlike most juicer, Citrus 160 Legend has been specially designed to become an appliance permanently present in your kitchen, so their design becomes important, achieving an elegant juicer with stainless steel finish with a retro air but with the modernity of today. The Legend has a powerful 160 W motor that allows a raid and complete extraction of juice from the orange. This wringer is also characterised by compactness that most power juicers are much larger. It also includes a non-slip foot in black with a cavity which allows for easy placement of any container. The tip of the handle is rubber coated in black color, making it easy to pressure. The pourer incorporates a drip system that prevents debris from falling juice on the counter. Citrus 160 juicer Legend also features a handy arm that helps us during the process of extracting the juice, this is a very important feature as well as facilitating the process we avoid being in contact with the orange for juice extraction and therefore not hands dirty.