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Kb8 Black Cookware (4 Piece)

Kb8 Black Cookware (4 Piece)

The high quality material also takes care of your health and hygiene. Its very sturdy and is made up of thick gauze, and is very easy to clean. Its exclusive features will give you complete satisfaction while you use it. Each piece has an elegant design and is crafted from stainless steel to add a sophisticated look. Elegantly designed, Desire cookware set brilliantly blends into any kitchen decor. Desire ware are durable and elegant available for most clean & hygienic cooking and serving in the same ware. Desire is more than just a cooking fantasy. This Set contains 1-Piece Oven (180 mm), 1-Piece Sauce Pan (175 mm), 1-Piece Fry Pan (220 mm) and 1-Piece Small Pan.